8 Common Moving Mistakes & Solutions

 How can I find free moving boxes?

Well, this is the biggest question which’s mostly answered by people searching over the internet, who are planning to move. Cardboard Boxes are an essential part of moving, and it will not wrong to say that “moving without boxes is impossible.” You cannot shell out your hard-earned money to buy new cardboard boxes when you can get them free.
Below are listed some ways you can find free moving boxes.
Places to Find Free Moving Boxes
Grocery Stores
These stores buy tons of items like Apple and Pear etc. They are packed in thick boxes, which is perfect for moving fragile items.
Sharing Ride
Many moving companies offer people to share their ride to reduce fuel and other expenses for moving. Ask these moving companies if they have any upcoming moving jobs for the same day and a city like yours. In this way, they also offer you to get free cardboard boxes from them. You can search for these moving companies in your area.
Recycling is a great way to protect our environment. Freecycle is a great place to get free things. From here, you will not get free moving boxes but also other fun things as well. Just type your area and see what people are offering.
College Dorms
If you are living close to a college, you must visit their hostel area as there are a lot of students who travel to this college from other cities. You’ll probably get some free card boxes.
Office Buildings
If you are living in an area surrounded by plenty of office buildings, there are chances you will free boxes. Ask them if they have some used moving boxes and need to get rid of them.
Craigslist moving boxes
Craigslist is a well know and famous website know for classifieds. But there is a special thing that you will love. This site has a free section, and you can almost always find free moving boxes. Search this section at the end of the week for possibilities.
Local Retailers
These are the places where shipments come every time, and they have plenty of boxes. The extra boxes cover their space, and they want to get rid of the boxes. Go to these local retailers and seek if they have boxes that they want to get rid of. Some of the excellent places to get boxes are grocery stores, liquor stores, and supply stores, etc.
It is also an excellent place to get boxes. Mostly these libraries get new books into boxes, and as you know, they don’t place boxes on shelves. Go to your nearest library and as the help desk person if they have some moving boxes. Surely you will get some of them.

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